Out – Licensing

AXONE® currently holds a large list of High Quality dossiers available for Out-Licensing containing the most wanted INN’s.

Generic Dossiers

AXONE® already holds a significant product portfolio. Since we have started in the Pharmaceutical Business our strategy for product selection has been quite simple, ALL. The goal is to have in Portfolio all possible generic INN’s from A-Z.

We have been working hard for this goal. Either from own developments, either with strategic partnerships, the portfolio grows on a scale of 20 new INN’s per year.
AXONE® wishes to collaborate with you, either through out-licensing deals, either through business partnerships in emerging countries or by transferring Marketing Authorizations owned by our Participated Companies in several EU countries.

Marketing Authorizations

AXONE® and its partners hold a large no. of Marketing Authorizations in several EU countries, which are available to be negotiated.

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